On Hold Music vs. On Hold Marketing – Which Is Better?

When a business finally decides to customize their phone systems with an automated on hold program, there are two main options. One is to pick the bargain, which is on hold music services only. On hold music won’t exactly entertain your client base, but it will ensure they aren’t listening to dead air. The second option would be customized on hold messages, which can be more expensive, but also tailored to your business’ image in very specific ways. Having difficulty weighing the pros and cons of these on hold phone services? Let’s make the decision easier, time to dissect.

On Hold Music Services

The most important point about on hold music is that businesses cannot play just any music on their phone system. Businesses need to have correct licensing for any type of music played on your phone lines. Even if it is a boring elevator track, you need a license. Thankfully, on hold music companies take care of all the ins and outs of music licensing. Ever had the idea to play the radio on your phone lines? This is an option only if you pay for the correct licensing.

Be sure to hire an on hold service provider that will protect you if any music licensing company knocks on your door. This could lead to hefty fines for radio play and regular music. Another important point to remember about playing radio broadcast on your lines: you could be playing your competitors commercial right into your customer’s ear. If your business is thinking of signing up for Music Only services, might be best steer clear of radio play for that reason alone.

On Hold Marketing Services

Compared to on hold music alone, an on hold marketing message can be a little more complicated & expensive. Don’t be scared off just yet – there are some real benefits to using on hold marketing marketing! Not only do you have the on hold music, you also have a completely customized marketing script playing over the background music of your choice. Your on hold message can have three marketing paragraphs, or 20 marketing paragraphs (the price should be the same – depending on your provider of course).

Being able to share vital information about your business, services, and promotions can help improve your bottom line. Not only are you easing caller irritation with music while on hold you are also selling your business. Now, this only benefits businesses that have a call flow that relates to the services they are selling. If your business call flow is based more on business to business communications (example: Roger is calling Sally to set up a meeting, or Company X is calling Company Y for payment on an invoice), marketing messages may not be effective. In this instance, on hold music only may be more suitable.

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