Interactive Voice Prompt (IVR) Recordings

Seamless natural speech – a voice over service that compliments any application in telephony & telecommunications.

Improve Caller Experience with IVR

Reduce caller irritation & negative customer experience by implementing a simple yet vital service to your business. Our team of producers & IVR content managers help establish a first impression that is professional, effective and memorable. COHM is the true leader in IVR voice recording solutions with unmatchable turnaround time and no language barriers. Give your business a voice and a customer experience that will stand out from the rest.

Why Choose COHM’s Interactive Voice Response?

  • 24 to 48 hour turnaround time for emergency recordings needs
  • Professionally recorded & edited production services
  • Technical support for all services at no additional charge
  • Audition services available for businesses searching for a voice
  • We offer expertise in call tree mapping

Michelle McKenzie
"Awesome customer service, professional scripting Very positive experience working with COHM for many years!"
Gurmeet Bhullar
"Good service, and always keeps us in the loop. Would recommend!"

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