On Hold Messaging: Is It Really That Important?

At one point, people all around the world find themselves on hold with some sort of service provider. Depending on what type of company they are calling, they can expect to be on the line with them for minutes to hours. As a customer, this can be frustrating!

Ease Caller Irritation & Build Better Branding With On Hold Messaging

Even if a company handles their call flow effectively, businesses cannot stop “hold time” from happening. Whether your customer is on hold because your call flow is high at that moment, or your representatives are actively servicing callers, at one point, they will hit the hold button. That being said, it’s very important to ease callers’ irritation. Not only can On Hold Messaging ease caller irritation, it can build better branding for your company’s image by making the first impression of your business positive and informative.

On Hold Messaging Creates a Marketing Opportunity

On average, customers spend 40 seconds on hold per call. Instead of dead air, On Hold Messaging will not only keep your callers on the line longer, it can inform your callers about promotions that you would otherwise not have the opportunity to share. Sure, your business promotions are on your website, you pay ad services with online providers, and you have a marketing e-letter, but not all clients will go that route. In business, it’s important to utilize all opportunities to increase your bottom line. Hold time is expected by clients, and is a typical practice of business, but is usually overseen by many businesses and is not always utilized as an opportunity. In a world that is getting more and more complicated, On Hold brings marketing back to basics, but is often forgotten.

Improve Your Customer’s First Impression With On Hold Messaging

So you’ve successfully pulled a customer to call your company for services. Before you even get to work with your client, it usually begins with a phone call . The first impression is the lasting impression. On Hold can help improve your customer’s first impression by being your back-up representative when all your actual reps are busy. It may seem like a short amount of time that your client hears dead air, but it’s important to make the most of every opportunity and bring in more profits!

On Hold Messaging is a Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Lastly, the most important part of our service: it’s a low-cost marketing solution. It’s easy, effective, and should be an everyday business practice to keep customers pleased, even when companies are over-flowing with calls. Dead air or no dead air – that is the question. Let your business be the judge.

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