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Medical Marketing Strategy


Studies have shown that providing engaging content during wait times can help in reducing the perceived wait time for patients

Medical Marketing: Affordable Solutions

Medical Marketing Strategy : Ways To Improve Patient Experience

Imagine a busy medical clinic, with phones ringing constantly as receptionists handle call after call, placing people on hold one after another. What happens when those calls are put on hold? Minutes pass, patience runs out, and frustration builds up.

We have found strategies to help medical practices give their callers the best experience. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all solution, clinics can take several steps to reduce phone line congestion. Let’s look at the three essential tools every clinic marketing director should include in their marketing campaign kit.

Medical Marketing

Online Scheduling Options

Many patients prefer to schedule appointments outside of regular working hours because calling a provider and waiting on hold can disrupt their workday. With online booking, they can make appointments whenever it suits them, reducing miscommunications about available dates and times. Most systems send automatic SMS and email reminders to patients before their appointments, which can result in fewer no-shows. These programs not only offer scheduling but also provide other useful features that can improve a clinic’s daily operations.

Easy Rescheduling

Customers can easily reschedule or cancel their appointments online without the hassle of calling your staff. This makes the process smooth and stress-free. Additionally, you can set up fees for last-minute cancellations to ensure fair compensation for your time.

Enhanced Communication

Many online booking systems offer automated follow-ups and feedback, helping you stay connected with your customers and improve your services based on their input. This ongoing communication builds stronger relationships and trust with your patients.

Convenient Access to Information

Customers can easily access details about their appointments, services, and staff availability online. This gives them all the information they need at their fingertips. This transparency enhances their experience and helps them feel more informed and confident in their choices.

Cut Down on Paperwork

For patients who use an online system, your staff can save time on intake forms, waiting list inquiries, and payment collections. Automation can handle all of these tasks, allowing your staff to focus on providing excellent care.

By streamlining the booking process, reducing administrative tasks, and improving communication, online booking systems significantly boost customer satisfaction and enhance overall service quality.

Customization and Branding

As a marketing pro, one of my favorite features of online booking systems is their ability to reflect your brand on both desktop and mobile platforms. They can also link to your social media accounts, making it easier for patients to find and book appointments through search engines. This seamless integration helps maintain a consistent brand presence and improves the overall patient experience.

medical marketing on hold messages

On Hold Marketing

Let’s step into the shoes of a patient calling a clinic: the anticipation, the wait, and then… on-hold music. As more calls come in, clinics need to step up their game and avoid any slip-ups that could mean missed opportunities.

Free Generic Music

Many phone system providers boast about their free hold music, but let’s be honest—this doesn’t really improve your patients’ experience. They’ve probably heard the same old tunes at other places, and nobody likes listening to elevator music on loop. On-hold messaging services are affordable and can be fully customized to fit your clinic’s vibe, making the wait more pleasant for your patients.

On Hold Music For Branding

It’s important to pick music that matches your brand image. Free music from your provider might sound like a good deal, but IT people aren’t marketing experts. They haven’t seen the reports showing how irritating generic music can be for patients. Another “free” option is playing radio stations. However, if you play a local radio station, you might accidentally expose your callers to competitors’ ads.

Lastly, many clinics don’t realize that playing music on hold requires proper licensing rights. If you skip this step, you could face fines from a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Customized On Hold Marketing Solutions

Instead of playing canned music that might annoy your patients or a radio station that could advertise a competitor, why not use that time to promote an add-on to their service, offer a special price on a product you’re trying to clear out, important announcements, or direct them to your website for more info about your clinic? Adding some on-hold messaging can seriously boost the patient experience, enhance your digital marketing campaigns by reinforcing your key messages and increase your bottom line.

Using on-hold messaging can make a big difference in how patients perceive your clinic and keep them informed and engaged while they wait through content marketing. Adding some informative and engaging on-hold messages can turn that waiting time into a valuable opportunity for your clinic!

medical marketing strategy

Upgrade Communications

If your clinic hasn’t updated its phone system in the last 10 years, now is a great time to explore what today’s technology offers. One of the best features in these new digital systems is the “callback feature.” With a modern digital phone solution, patients can choose to stay on hold or keep their place in line, hang up, and receive a callback. This reduces hold times and gives patients more control over their waiting experience.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

The callback feature allows your patients to avoid long hold times, giving them the option to receive a callback when it’s their turn. This convenience reduces frustration and enhances the overall patient experience, making them more likely to feel valued and satisfied with your clinic’s services.

Improved Staff Efficiency

The callback feature reduces the number of patients waiting on hold, helping to manage call volumes more effectively. This allows your receptionists to handle calls in a more organized way, reducing stress and preventing burnout. It also ensures that staff can provide more focused and attentive service when they return calls.

Reduced Abandonment Rates

Long hold times often cause patients to hang up in frustration, leading to missed opportunities and potentially lost patients. The callback feature keeps patients engaged by allowing them to avoid long waits. This reduces the chances of abandoned calls and improves overall communication efficiency.

Medical Marketing Strategy

I’ve been in marketing for over 18 years and have seen many businesses focus their marketing dollars on traditional services. While this can generate more income, it’s equally important to dedicate some of that budget to maintaining a great experience for clients after you land them. We can help with that.

We specialize in creating memorable experiences for your patients with affordable auto attendants and on-hold messages. We can also refer you to trusted partners who offer online scheduling programs, high-quality communication systems, and content management services, all with excellent customer service.

Need help improving your workflow and enhancing your customer experience? Get in touch with me, and I’ll be happy to help your business reach new heights.

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