Small Business: The Struggle to Catch Callers on Time cohmadmin March 18, 2019

Small Business: The Struggle to Catch Callers on Time

All business owners would agree that if you are going to place your prospective clients on hold for too long, you run the risk of losing their business. According to a recent study that examined a small business first quarter of call flow, 63% of calls were answered, 22% went to voicemail (13% of which were after hours), and 15% hung up after 40 seconds of the call being handled.

Of the 63% of callers that were answered, most of the callers had a live voice on the other line within one minute. This means that when a client calls in, they are waiting for 60 seconds. This 60 seconds is a vital period for a business as it could lead to a loss of business, or an irritated current client trying to acquire customer support. Clients are always in the market for a quick response, but this isn’t always possible for growing companies to accomplish. Small businesses are typically on fixed budgets and have one or two receptionists scheduled a day, subsequently this means that if you have heavy call flows during the day, 63% will be waiting on the line. This leaves business owners with the choice to either hire more staff, or use a service like on hold marketing to keep callers on the line. It is proven that our on hold marketing services will also help keep the 15% of usual hang up callers on the line longer.

The 22% of callers that are sent to voicemail will most likely hang up. There are ways to encourage callers to either leave a voicemail, or to call back a later time. Using the voicemail playback message to its fullest potential is key. Having a standard voicemail message such as “Thank you for calling business, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible”, doesn’t always do the trick. Our on hold company can assist your business in achieving a persuasive voice message that will encourage your callers to leave a message, stay on the line, or call back at a later time. To lock 50% of the 22% of missed calls to leave their information or call your company back will ultimately help business and increase you bottom line.

There are so many ways to utilize different methods for managing your call flow. One thing is for sure, businesses cannot be stuck with the condition of losing business due to staff being too busy, out to lunch, or even after hour calls. It is our commitment to help our clients create a new approach and implement a new way to manage potential and current client experience. Contact COHM, Inc. today to learn how on hold messaging & marketing can benefit your business.