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Understanding Auto Attendants for Business


All business owners would agree that if you place your prospective clients on hold for too long, you risk losing their business.

Auto Attendant Recordings

Customized Auto Attendant Greetings for Business

Businesses would agree that putting their prospective clients on hold for too long risks losing business. According to a recent study, 63% of calls were answered, 22% went to voicemail, and 15% hung up after 40 seconds of the call being handled. Adding an auto attendant and on hold messages will give your business better statistics.

Without auto attendants, calls ring right to reception. Among the 63% of answered calls, a majority experienced a one minute wait until they reached a live person. The crucial 60-second window poses a potential risk of business loss or customer frustration. Quick responses are ideal, but achieving this consistently can be challenging for growing companies with fixed budgets and limited staff. Small businesses, often constrained by resources, face the dilemma of implementing automation. Using solutions like auto attendants and on-hold marketing is effective in retaining callers during peak times.

We can also help optimize welcome greetings (auto attendant) and voicemail engagement. The 22% of callers directed to voicemail often result in hang-ups. To address this, it’s crucial to effectively leverage auto attendant and voicemail playback messages. A generic message like ‘Thank you for calling, please leave a message’ may not be compelling enough. We specialize in crafting auto attendant & voicemail messages that encourage callers to stay on the line or leave a message. By converting half of the missed calls into voicemail messages, your business will enhance customer engagement, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

There are many methods to manage your call flow efficiently. Businesses should never risk losing opportunities due to staff being occupied, on lunch breaks, or after hours. Small shortcomings in key areas can accumulate over time. Why not explore strategies like auto attendants and on hold marketing to enhance communication and avert setbacks in your business?

Contact us today to discover how we can implement small yet highly impactful enhancements to your phone system. Let our script writer and voiceover team provide your business with the professional voice it deserves.

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