Advantages & Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems (Cloud Based Phone Solutions)

As technology changes so does the method in how we communicate. Most of the changes we can see and feel like the evolution of rotary phones to smart phones, hand written letters to fax machine – now email and text. These are all methods businesses and their employees use every day. No matter how much our technology changes – our main method of communication is still voice.

Almost every station in a business has a handheld phone or a headset for an employee to use. As most business owners know, the system all these phones are connected to can be extremely complicating and expensive. Thankfully, as all our devices and communication methods change and evolve, so does the unseen technology.

The system that connects our main life line to our clients has advanced in such a notable manner that you may wonder why people still use conventional analog phone systems. Cloud based phone solutions are growing at rapid pace and will eventually be the main stream service for business phone solutions in our near future.

How does VoIP (Cloud Based Phone Solutions) work?

It’s simple! (Or is it?) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that allows its users to make calls using the Internet rather than the conventional or analog phone system. It works by converting sound into digital voice communication and then transfers it through the internet. In a nutshell: if you are using a VoIP telephone system, you are using the Internet to make phone calls.

How will VoIP Phone Systems help your business get ahead?

Glad you asked! There are many features about cloud-based VoIP phone solutions that strengthen any business no matter the size. The following are some keys advantages to entice a business to switch over to VoIP.

Cost Effective

With conventional systems it’s hard to predict what your bill will be each month. Sometimes companies will get a bill and have sticker shock. With VoIP systems, the costs are predictable and are a lot cheaper than landline systems. Most VoIP providers charge local call rates for international calls or will offer unlimited calling to any country at anytime from anywhere for one low monthly price. Low costs don’t only apply to the providers subscription. It also comes into play with the hardware. The handheld devices are affordable, and businesses completely bypass the need for expensive onsite equipment and maintenance. Not to mention the advantage of not having to look at all the ugly wires hanging everywhere.


Upgrading to a cloud-based system means businesses and their employees can create their office anywhere. Most VoIP providers give their customers an easy to use platform that can be accessed anywhere at any time if you have internet access. This allows employers and employees to have easy access & management of applications and modes of communication such as instant messaging, video calling, team meetings, analytics and much more. Increasing productivity while being portable is an asset for any business.

Call Quality & Security

Most people who have owed businesses with traditional phone lines have experienced “dirty lines” or “static” or many even dead air due to a wire at a phone pole being disconnected. Thankfully those problems are a thing of the past with VoIP systems. If your internet is connected – your conversations will be clear. With guaranteed call reliability and quality, you’ll never experience a static line again.

Along with call quality and reliability comes the highest rating for security on the market. Providers encrypt their connections that standard lines can’t hold a candle to. Some even have certifications of security from companies like HIPAA, SOX, and FISMA.


Cloud based systems are a literal all-in-one solution. Not only does the system take calls, employees can instant message, teleconference, video conference, streamline call handling, integrate voicemail, email, chat and social media from one easy to use platform. It also allows companies to monitor service and quality analytics, advanced speech and interaction analytics, schedule predictive outbound campaigns and much more. Its amazing to think businesses can settle for analog lines when there are services like VoIP solutions out there that give businesses so much more than just phone lines – they provide insightful data that turns every call made into a company into constructive building tools to make the company a healthier version of itself.

Automated Assistant

When customers call into a business, they immediately get met with a first impression of a company’s image. Although it is a verbal image it is still as powerful as a visual image. By using VoIP, all companies can direct calls in a more effective and professional manner by using automated auto attendants and direct calls more effectively. By creating a call tree, companies can program the system to transfer calls to a department or person by simply clicking a few boxes.

Using services such as on hold marketing and customized voice prompts, your company can make its first impression effective and memorable by greeting clients with a branded voice specifically chosen for your business. Cloud based systems make this easy and attainable by providing a platform to program and schedule your phone system to be active during business hours and great customers accordingly.

Is your business ready to make the leap over to cloud base phone systems? Although it seems like it’s a complicated process, the switch from analog to VoIP is easy. If you choose the right service provider, the switch can be seamless and will save your company many headaches and lots of money in the future. Interested in making the switch? Contact us today to start your journey to a more affordable and reliable system! You’ll be happy you did!

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