On Hold Music Services

On Hold Music is an essential and cost efficient service for businesses looking for a simple, yet effective service for their phone system. COHM Inc. has created a service package to address the needs of businesses working on a tight budget, or only needs background music for their customers that are placed on hold.

How the On Hold Music Only Service Works

It is very important for all businesses to know that the use of unlicensed music on your phone system can lead to fines. Be sure to purchase your on hold music from a company that is able to take care of the licensing and rights of all music playing to your clients. Here is the great news! You are in the right place. COHM Inc. can take care of it!

If your business has a phone system, you can have on hold music services. Depending on what type of system you have, we have a practical solution for you. Our team remotely loads your licensed music from our office to yours by accessing our on hold device (which is sent to you upon signing up). It is also possible that you do not need the on hold device, and simply need to load an MP3 to your phone system. You can also change your music with ease, knowing that we are working with your schedule. To ensure you are using the on hold service to its full potential, our office will contact you to check in and see if you need updates. We can provide new music selections, or seasonal music selections for that special time of year.

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